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I am Daniel, a 22 year old from Manchester hoping to someday become a successful actor.

Interests: Food, games, films, acting, Breaking Bad, Poets of the Fall, Celldweller, Blue Stahli, House of Cards, METAL GEAARRRRRRR, James Bond, Miracle of Sound, Concept Art and many other things with varying ranges of Epicosity.

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  1. fixt-terminal:

    Celldweller - End of an Empire

    A start, an end, a rise and fall
    No system eternal and no one immortal
    Creation always ends in destruction
    We cannot change the fate of civilization

    Pre-order End of an Empire (Chapter 01: Time) on FiXTStore or iTunes to get an immediate download of the title track “End of an Empire” two weeks before the full chapter drops Sept. 16!

    Pre-order EoaE (Chapter 01: Time): [
    FiXTStore] [iTunes] [Amazon]
    Follow Celldweller on: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Soundcloud]

    Ohhh, how I love it so.

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    This happened to me when I was in Japan and it’s something I’ll never forget.

    this is not what I was expecting


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"You’re a Legend through the eyes from those who live on the battlefield"


    "You’re a Legend through the eyes from those who live on the battlefield"

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  17. "Alone in this darkness, there’s a dream still worth saving, I cling to a promise, and I am still waiting."

    - Celldlweller (via artofkorigancroft)
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